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Electric Scooter & Bikes

Recoverable energy

Charge your electric vehicle at home using one of our smart.

Low Running Costs

Compared to fuel prices, electricity is more affordable, reducing the daily running costs of an electric vehicle.

Quick installation

Charge your electric vehicle at home using one of our smart.

Long Charge Times

An EV, even with fast charging, takes a lot longer to juice up the battery than it would take to refuel your car.

Electrical Diagnosis

We use only recommend tools & equipment to ensure.

Cheaper to Maintain

Fewer mechanical components leads to reduced expenses during services, thereby bringing down the overall costs of maintenance.

Experience a Ride into the Future

MAHAHANU Enterprises is a Multibrand Electric vehicle showroom which displays Electric cycles, Electric Bikes, Electric scooters and Electric 3 wheelers. Customers can take a testdrive, so that they can have a clear understanding of the vehicle before purchase.

Excellence in Mahahanu

  • Comfort is key – find an e-bike that you will be able to ride for extended periods of time without becoming fatigued. Make sure the saddle is comfortable and adjustable, and that the handlebars are adjustable so you can find a comfortable position.
  • Decide on your riding style – do you plan on using it mostly for commuting or recreational purposes? Once you’ve determined your needs, choose a bike that best suits those needs.
  •  Beware of cost – Invest in a quality model that will last long and provide years of enjoyment.


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